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Learning Mobility in Brussels

Paragon Europe is a leading host agency managing learning mobility projects in Malta and Brussels through various European, national and regional mobility programmes such as Erasmus Plus, Youth Guarantee, Staff Mobility and PON since 2006. Acting primarily as a receiving organization inside the EU’s Lifelong Learning Programme, our organisation has a consistent track record for securing the best work placements for students during their internship in Brussels.

Brussels is a multicultural and multilingual city that is full of activity. Less than two hours from London and Paris, Brussels sits at the heart of Europe and is a hub for the most innovative and exciting developments within the continent. The European Union makes it a popular city for politicians, lobbyists and press correspondents, but Brussels also has a unique culture and history that attracts travellers of all backgrounds.

In short Paragon Europe offers:
• Extensive placement experience
• Short stay accommodation options
• Placement mentoring & monitoring
• Experienced and qualified staff
• Training courses
• English language tuition (on demand)
• Cultural & social programs (on demand)

Currently, Paragon Europe is working with 326 higher educational and vocational institutions from 27 EU member states, helping their students find fulfilling and beneficial placements. In the past three years, Paragon Europe has hosted over 4,500 students from European countries and beyond. Paragon Europe has a network of over 130 niche host organisations in Brussels who regularly host our interns.


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